This begins with determining what type of concrete you have, depending on:

  • Moisture Content
  • Structural Condition
  • Hardness

These variables dictate how we approach the most important next step: Concrete Preparation.


Shot blasting with the Blastrac Walk-Behind System is our main form of preparation. This device prepares the surface for greatest adhesion of the new floor coating, by removing debris and contaminants and giving the concrete a porous surface for superior bonding of our Polyurea formulations.

We use different shot sizes to prepare varying surfaces, adjusting the flow rate and machine travel speed. With shot blasting a coarse profile is obtained whilst removing deteriorated and weak concrete. This leaves the surface ready for immediate coating.

Other applications require the use of a diamond grinding process, where the concrete has really deteriorated or already has a thick coating of existing floor covering. Blasting the concrete with a coarse diamond grit enables us to achieve the surface profile required for the new floor coating. In the case of cracks or uneven joins, diamond grinders are particularly helpful when a surface needs to be leveled off.



A diamond grinder with a V-blade is used to open the crack. Mender material is then poured into the crack. After curing (around 10 minutes), the over-filled crack is then ground smooth and level with the concrete surface.


Using the shot blaster, weak concrete is removed. Damaged areas are then filled and repaired and leveled off with the surrounding concrete surface.


Spalled areas are prepared just like with pitting. Deteriorated concrete is removed with shot blasting. Depending on how severe the spalling is, we mix either a small or large batch of mender material and smooth the spalled area off with a trowel or squeegee. Once cured the mending material is ground flush with the surface.

All control joints are left open to allow for concrete movement and the floors are checked to make sure everything is level. Floors are now vacuumed and blown with a leaf blower to remove any debris before coating.


Before coating the floor we start by coating all vertical surfaces, and we typically use a Polyurea full chip coating system. Vertical surfaces generally include:

  • Curbing
  • Stairs (Concrete or Wood)
  • Walls

A base coat of self-priming pure Polyurea is brushed on all vertical surfaces. With the aid of a scraper, a pile of chip is pulled vertically against the wall until the surface is fully covered. Loose chips are then sucked up with a vacuum.


The edges of the floor are cut in with the base coat. Once this is done we mix up one gallon of base coat at a time and coat the main surface area of the floor. A roller or squeegee is used to spread the material out in an even manner until desired thickness is achieved. This process of mixing and rolling is repeated until finished.


Once the floor has been completely coated with the base coat, the flake is mixed in a big tub to ensure the colors are evenly blended. The flake is broadcast on the wet floor by hand until the entire floor is covered in flakes. This guarantees a uniform blend of color and texture. Drying takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the ambient temperature.


The flakes are scraped down with metal blade scrapers once the base coat has fully cured. This removes any loose or protruding flakes. To ensure all angles are covered, we scrape the floor side to side and front to back. This results in the flooring having a beautiful even texture and smooth finish. Vertical surfaces are also scraped, the debris is vacuumed away.


The final step of the process is the clear coat, where we typically use 96% solids Polyaspartic Polyurea UV stable clear coat. All vertical surfaces are coated first. The edges of the floor are then cut in with a brush. For the floor area itself, the entire mixed product of clear coat is poured directly onto the floor and a squeegee is used to spread it out, coating the entire surface to the desired thickness. The floor is rolled back and across with an 18 inch roller, removing any lines left behind by the squeegee.


Now we do the clean up and leave your floor to dry. It’ll take 4 to 6 hours before you can walk on your new floor, and it is recommended to wait 24 hours before parking a car on the new coating. Enjoy your brand new flooring!

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